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Walk through a forest and see branches silhouetted against a blue sunlit sky. Jump from bog to bog, smelling the musty watery earth below. Meander through a meadow and hear the Red-tailed one’s cry. Touch the Spruce, Hemlock, Cedar and Pine…feel the energy flow. Taste all the offerings of Nature, fore which God to us bestow.

-C. H. Eldridge

“Beaver Flow” Acadia National Park, Maine

“All’s Right Nothing’s Wrong”

A dew-dropped rose
a newly born fawn
twilight before dawn
all’s right nothing’s wrong

The sky is painted
from our star below
day begins
the flight of the Crow
it’s time for Nature to get up and go

The Sun warms Earth
it feeds the trees
flower to flower
collecting pollen the bees

High noon hits
head to shade
replenish the fluid
so one won’t fade

Light’s angle changes
let the coolness begin
murmuration of starlings
waves go out then come in

Day moves on
survivors lucky or strong
crickets take stage
with a chorus of song

Sun sets below
stars and Moon aglow
all’s right nothing’s wrong

-C. H. Eldridge

“Busy Bee”


Dreaming at night is quite alright,
but a dream during the day
helps take us away.

Away from the negatives
that will pound us to dust,
away from the real world
that lies before us.

Your journey in the mind,
leaving the present momentarily behind,
so the third eye won’t go blind.

Delightfully soothing
and nurturing to our soul,
like the leaping and bounding
of a newly born foal.

Relinquish the responsibility reins,
feel the blood coursing through your veins,
to continue life without disdain.

Every man, woman and child
must do this for a little while,
it gives courage and strength
to walk the next mile.

Another day has begun,
looking to our star the Sun,
we spread our wings to fly,
fore all we can do is try.

Mesmerized, hypnotized or spellbound it may seem,
not to worry, it’s just a much-needed daydream.

-C. H. Eldridge

“Daydream” Argyle, Washington County, Northern New York