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“Get Closer to Nature”

Get closer to Nature. Do not distance your relationship with something that you are a part of. Stay as intimate as possible, for as long as possible and fully enjoy those soulful moments, that become etched in our memories. It is those memories that will make life somewhat tolerable, when you are no longer able to go deep into the wilds.
-C. H. Eldridge

“Adirondack Autumn” Stony Creek, New York

“Raquette Lake Bear Encounter”

One day my fiance (now wife) Amanda and I decided to take a nice long road trip through the Adks.. We were making our way through the Raquette Lake area, looking for photo ops. Amanda was keeping her eyes peeled on her side and I was covering mine, when all of the sudden she said, “There’s a bear!”. I recall saying, “Yeah right?”, when she came back with a quick “I’m serious!”. I looked back through my rear-view mirror to see a Black Bear on top of a crate. As still as it looked, I thought it had been taxidermied, until it turned it’s head! I exclaimed “Holy Shit!” as I swung the car around, then proceeded with caution; as to not spook the young bruin.
I was able to get pretty close, about 40 ft.. It was standing on top of one of those homemade crates that just about everyone has in the North Country, to keep animals out of their garbage. Well, I started snappin’ away!
About 5-10 minutes later, that bear had become quite the spectacle, with about 10-15 cars pulled over watching the rare sight! It was a pretty busy road with vehicles speeding past, and I started getting worried when I saw the bear getting agitated, from all of the attention it was getting. It’s hair even started bristling up on it’s back! I told Amanda that I hoped it didn’t try jumping down off the crate and running across the road, when a few moments later that’s exactly what it did!
When the bear jumped off of the crate and started heading for the road, my heart also jumped… right into my throat! I yelled out “NOOO!!”, when I noticed a truck barreling along, pulling a trailer full of kayaks! That bear ran right out in front of that truck! The driver slammed on his brakes, causing the trailer to jackknife, just missing that bear by inches!!! I don’t know how that guy maintained control, but he did! Amazingly, he straightened that trailer back out without wrecking, as the lucky young bear ran up the hill on the other side of the road and disappeared into the woods. We both sat there looking at each other in total awe of what just unfolded before our eyes!
So that’s the story of how I captured this bear image. One Amanda and I will never forget!

“Adolescent Adirondack Black Bear”


Ocean waves caress the beach, sending salty sticky mist towards my soul, and I am drawn. The gull swoops down, to retrieve the leftovers of a not so lucky crab, but loses the prize to another. I see the receding tide being absorbed by the darkened sand, as shells, rocks and driftwood trade places in a never-ending back and forth, as the Sun dries and soothes my outer shell, I am drawn.
I lie on the Earth looking to the sky, listening to the ancient song of the sea. Its waters, the same as the tears that flow from my eyes, a connection that can never be broken. A gust of wind sends tiny rocks into my face, abruptly taking me away from my sweet solace.
Knowing in my departure, everything will remain as it is now. The senses are somewhat fulfilled, as I collect the tangible. Walking the warm sand barefoot, taking periodical glances back, the heart and soul longs… because I am drawn.

-C. H. Eldridge

“First Light Flight”