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“A Sunset”

When your days gone bad
and you’re feelin’ blue or mad
a sunset’s there to make a frown glad

Worked your fingers to the bone
or just feelin’ all alone
a sunset can change your down and out tone

Put the horse before the cart
and it seems to fall apart
a sunset’s there for a welcomed new start

Yes, a sunset can do this
and much much more
when trouble comes knockin’
at the front door
just look up to the sky
not down on the floor

Be still and observe
the colored warmth will serve
it’ll enter heart and soul
to calm your every nerve
when the feeling comes
that life’s thrown another curve

The slate will clear
as you round another bend
it’s always right there
to care for, love and mend
yes, a sunset’s your friend
until the very end

-C. H. Eldridge

“Sunset from Vroman’s Nose”