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Dreaming at night is quite alright,
but a dream during the day
helps take us away.

Away from the negatives
that will pound us to dust,
away from the real world
that lies before us.

Your journey in the mind,
leaving the present momentarily behind,
so the third eye won’t go blind.

Delightfully soothing
and nurturing to our soul,
like the leaping and bounding
of a newly born foal.

Relinquish the responsibility reins,
feel the blood coursing through your veins,
to continue life without disdain.

Every man, woman and child
must do this for a little while,
it gives courage and strength
to walk the next mile.

Another day has begun,
looking to our star the Sun,
we spread our wings to fly,
fore all we can do is try.

Mesmerized, hypnotized or spellbound it may seem,
not to worry, it’s just a much-needed daydream.

-C. H. Eldridge

“Daydream” Argyle, Washington County, Northern New York

“Ghosts of Lake George”

Such a beautiful place
for blood to be shed,
war after war
and countless are dead.

Do restless souls
still wander this land,
cut short in life
by taking a stand.

Many folks today
take for granted their freedom,
never give thought
about how much we did need’em.

The greed of countries
gave birth to these fights,
having total disregard
for the indigenous one’s rights.

Through war and disease
their numbers went down,
their way of life
turned from smile to frown.

The ghosts of Lake George
and the sacrifices they made,
give the respect they deserve
so their memory won’t fade.

-C. H. Eldridge

“Sunset on Lake George” Shelving Rock Area Adirondack Park, Northern New York