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“The Dream”

Dreamt I was eagle
flying high in the sky,
soaring on two wings
and the thermals was I.

The feeling of freedom
as I looked down below,
the clouds were majestic
and the Sun was aglow.

The dream continued
but this time I was deer,
bounding and frolicking
in a meadow, all clear.

No man in sight
to disturb my good time,
the dewed grass was sweet,
unpolluted, divine.

Shape shifting commenced
and I became frog,
snatching up insects
as I sat on my log.

Two hops away
to a lily pad nearby,
sunning myself
til my skin turned dry.

Taken aback
this time I was tree,
reaching for the Sun
defying gravity.

Swaying back and forth
to the rhythm of Wind,
my roots gather water
for a drink from within.

Then I became rock
polished and still,
wanting to move
with all of my will.

Weathered and worn
by the passage of time,
elements have their way
as I wish sublime.

When I awoke
it became so clear,
that we are all connected
to the things we hold dear.

-C. H. Eldridge

*To view more works by Charles, visit ANP’s Poetry section.

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