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I was born and raised in Northern New York’s beautiful Adirondack region, where my love for the natural world grew with each passing year. Through hiking, fishing, hunting and camping adventures, along with hearing stories from my elders, I gained a respect and a deeply rooted devotion to preserve and protect my beloved homeland.
Through my photography and writing, my hopes are to change the hearts and minds of those that seek to threaten the fragile balance between wild spaces and development. Greed, and a lack of sound environmental practices, will be the undoing of this pristine habitat, that millions enjoy every year, unless “we the people” stand up to those who are blinded by greed.
“May my work bring peace and balance to you, while you’re living your hectic and often stressful lives. Stay Well, Live Large and Peace be the Journey!” -CHE

Enjoying a snowshoe through the woods of Stony Creek in the Adirondack Park of Northern New York, USA.

All Images Captured Through the Eyes and Lens of Adirondack Native, Charles Henry Eldridge.
No Use of Images or Words Without Written Permission!
© 2019 Adirondack Native Photography,
All Rights Reserved.


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"Bringing the Outdoors In" Explore our World Through the Photographic and Written Works of Adirondack Native– Charles Henry Eldridge

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