“A Walk Through the Forest”

A walk through the forest
to clear the mind
leaving life’s troubles
in the past…far behind

Living in the moment
the here the now
small things to worry about
wiping sweat from your brow

With Wind in hair
and Sun on face
Nature warms the heart
with God’s good grace

The bird’s sweet songs
fall on listening ears
simple things in life
that help us through the years

Wildflower fragrances
along trickling streams
foggy moisture-laden meadows
penetrating Sunbeams

Take a walk through the forest
and you will find
connecting with Nature
will give a clear mind

-C. H. Eldridge

“Adirondack Autumn” Stony Creek, Northern New York

“Another Day”

Melting ice beats to a sacred rhythm, as the Sun’s warmth awakens the land from a cold night’s slumber. The nocturnal ones give way to the day shift, as sounds from the Northern forest commence their daily numbers. A cool mystical fog lays thick on the receding snow, from the lack of a stiff wind to guide it through the old growth, that has yet to be found by the logger. The Maple has gathered it’s sweet flow of liquid life to re-energize for another season, as the hawk on it’s limb spots the first morning meal, creeping out from last year’s leaf. And another day of life starts here on Earth.

-C. H. Eldridge

“A Sunset”

When your days gone bad
and you’re feelin’ blue or mad
a sunset’s there to make a frown glad

Worked your fingers to the bone
or just feelin’ all alone
a sunset can change your down and out tone

Put the horse before the cart
and it seems to fall apart
a sunset’s there for a welcomed new start

Yes, a sunset can do this
and much much more
when trouble comes knockin’
at the front door
just look up to the sky
not down on the floor

Be still and observe
the colored warmth will serve
it’ll enter heart and soul
to calm your every nerve
when the feeling comes
that life’s thrown another curve

The slate will clear
as you round another bend
it’s always right there
to care for, love and mend
yes, a sunset’s your friend
until the very end

-C. H. Eldridge

“Sunset from Vroman’s Nose”