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Walk through a forest and see branches silhouetted against a blue sunlit sky. Jump from bog to bog, smelling the musty watery earth below. Meander through a meadow and hear the Red-tailed one’s cry. Touch the Spruce, Hemlock, Cedar and Pine…feel the energy flow. Taste all the offerings of Nature, fore which God to us bestow.

-C. H. Eldridge

“Beaver Flow” Acadia National Park, Maine


Nature is a gift
for us to enjoy
instills a peace
in girl and boy

Taking us to places
we could only dream
a forest, meadow
or a cool mountain stream

We breathe it’s fresh air
to awaken the senses
it alleviates our souls
and all life’s expenses

Brings families together
for memories to share
our lives for those moments
are devoid of despair

Yes, Nature is a gift
that is always right there

-C. H. Eldridge

“On the Pilot Knob Trail”

“Get Closer to Nature”

Get closer to Nature. Do not distance your relationship with something that you are a part of. Stay as intimate as possible, for as long as possible and fully enjoy those soulful moments, that become etched in our memories. It is those memories that will make life somewhat tolerable, when you are no longer able to go deep into the wilds.
-C. H. Eldridge

“Adirondack Autumn” Stony Creek, New York

"Bringing the Outdoors In" Explore our World Through the Photographic and Written Works of Adirondack Native– Charles Henry Eldridge

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